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Ticket FAQs


Wrangler NFR Dates: December 1 - 10, 2022

NFR Package Ticket Sales: TBA

Q: What is the cost of NFR Tickets?
A: 2022 Wrangler NFR ticket prices are as follow:

New Ticket Prices















Gold Buckle





*Note: The above prices reflect the face value of tickets.

Q: How can I purchase tickets?
General Public tickets for the NFR may be purchased through Check back for the general public sale date or sign up for our Stay in the Loop Club to get notifiied! You may also buy with confidence from StubHub - The Official Fan to Fan Marketplace of the Wrangler NFR. Please visit or their booth located at Cowboy Christmas.

Q: What is NFR All Access?
A: The new NFR Access ONLY ticket provides entry to all the ways to experience the NFR without a seat - Cowboy Corral, Aces High Saloon & Exhibit, and Bull & Barrel Saloon - and then allows you to watch the rodeo on TV screens in the designated areas.
Here are the highlights of the ticket:
• Access to the Thomas & Mack Center, but not a seat.
• Access to all the experiences at the NFR
• Cowboy Corral featuring live music nightly, Aces High Saloon & Exhibit, Bull & Barrel Saloon and ProRodeo Zone
• Allows you to watch the rodeo on TV screens in the designated areas
*This program is replacing the Mad Dash 30 ticket
**This is a non-refundable ticket

Q: At what age does a child require a ticket?
A: Children age three (3) and younger do not require a ticket provided the child is capable of sitting on the parent or guardian’s lap.

Q: I've already purchased my tickets. Where are my seats?
Please see the NFR Seating Chart

Q: What if my NFR Tickets Were Lost or Destroyed, am I still able to attend the event?

A: In the event something has happened to your NFR Tickets, Las Vegas Events may reprint your ticket(s) if you purchased through Las Vegas Events, UNLV Tickets or StubHub and have not transferred your tickets.. In order for a ticket to be reprinted, the Account Holder must contact the Las Vegas Events Ticket Office and fill out the NFR Ticket Reprint Form below. There is a charge for the reprint of NFR Tickets.
Download the NFR Ticket Reprint Form

Q: How can I avoid ticket fraud?
A: The best way to avoid ticket fraud is to purchase through an approved distributor: Las Vegas Events,, UNLV Ticket Outlets or StubHub. Assistance can only be provided to those who purchase directly through these outlets. Do not buy tickets through a scalper.

Q: Are there Health & Safety protocols in place for fans, officials, and contestants at the Wrangler NFR and is everyone required to follow these to gain admission into the event?

A: Yes, the Thomas & Mack Center, LVE and the PRCA will be providing health & safety protocols during your visit to the venue grounds. Leading up to the event, all protocols will be updated and sent to all account holders via email. These health and safety protocols will also be available on and all official NFR social media platforms. All account holders and their guests will be required to adhere to these protocols to gain admission into the NFR. Account holders are encouraged to reach out to NFR ticket staff via email at should you have any questions on these health & safety protocols.

 It should be noted that the Thomas & Mack Center, LVE and PRCA are unable to guarantee that complete exposure to any infectious illness will be eliminated. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder and their guests to assess their health and make appropriate decisions to minimize the risk of exposure and spread of illness before attending the Wrangler NFR. If you feel ill, are experiencing any symptoms including, but not limited to, a fever, cough, sneezing, loss of taste or smell, have tested positive or come in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 or any other infectious disease in the last fourteen days, or any member of your immediate household has been directed by health care providers or the health department to self-isolate, it is the ticket holder’s responsibility to not attend the Wrangler NFR.   

Clear Bag Policy


Q: Why did the Wrangler NFR adopt a clear bag policy?
A: In order to enhance public safety and make venue access more efficient, the Wrangler NFR has adopted a Clear Bag Policy.

Q: How many bags can each person bring into the venue?
A: Each ticketed guest can carry one (1) clear bag - either a one-gallon Ziploc-style bag or the 12" x 6" x 12" clear bag - plus a small clutch purse (no larger than 8"x11"). The small clutch allows privacy for small personal items. Please refer to the pictures above for the approved and non-approved bags.

Q: What happens if I show up at the gate with a bag that is not permitted?
A: Prohibited bags will not be permitted inside the venue. Fans with prohibited bags will either need to return their bags to their vehicle and transfer their belongings to an approved clear plastic bag or check their bags at the Wrangler NFR Bag Check located near the main entrance’s parking circle for a charge.

Q: If I have certain medical items that I need to bring into the venue and they won't fit in the clear bag, what do I do?
A: Guests carrying medically necessary bags or equipment will be required to have their bag thoroughly inspected by security before entrance will be permitted.

Q: What is the policy for diaper bags?
A: Guests with babies carrying a diaper bag will be required to have their bag thoroughly inspected by security before entrance will be permitted.

Q: What if I purchase official Wrangler NFR merchandise on site at the Thomas & Mack Center, can I bring these items into the venue?
A: Yes. There is an official Wrangler NFR merchandise Clear Bag (20” x 20” size) that is approved for admission into the venue. These approved bags can be brought in by the ticket holder in addition to their approved personal clear bag and/or clutch. All merchandise bags will be required to be thoroughly inspected by security before entrance will be permitted.

Q: Are all purses prohibited?
A: Small clutch purses (no larger than 8"x11") are permitted along with either the 12" by 6" by 12" clear tote bag or one-gallon freezer bag. This should enable guests to carry in personal items and expedite entry into the venue.

Q: How does this make it more convenient for fans?
A: This process will enable staff to move fans through our checkpoints much faster allowing staff to be more efficient and effective in checking clear bags brought into the arena. There will be less time spent standing in lines at the venue entrances enabling fans to be in their seats well before the opening ceremonies. Fans also will enjoy an improved sense of safety.

Q: List of bags that will be accepted for entry and will be subject to search:
A: Bags that are clear plastic or vinyl and do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”
One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags (Ziploc bag or similar)
Small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand
Diaper bags, with thorough search
Medical bags & Devices, with thorough search
Approved WNFR Merchandise Clear Bags (20” x 20”)

Q: Prohibited bags including but are not limited to (unless clear and no larger than 12" x 6" x 12"):
Handbags and tote bags
Purses larger than a clutch
Drawstring / Cinch Bags
Fanny Packs
Luggage of any kind
Cooler bags
Computer bags
Camera bags
Binocular bags
Any bag larger than the permissible size is prohibited, unless credentialed personnel carrying such belongings have been thoroughly searched.

Q: Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  • Air horns and/or horns of any kind
  • Artificial noisemakers, cowbells, balloons
  • Thermoses or ice chests
  • Knives, weapons or any dangerous objects
  • Glass bottles, cans or coolers
  • Outside food and beverages, including alcoholic beverages
  • Laser pointers and/or pens
  • Camera tripods, monopods, or single purpose video cameras

Season Ticket Holder Information

Q: When is the Season Ticket Renewal Period?
A: The ticket renewal period is held between February and April of every year. Invoices are mailed out the end of February with an April due date. If you do not receive your NFR Ticket Invoice by the middle of March please contact the Las Vegas Events Ticket Office. Season Tickets are NOT an automatic renewal; it is the ticket holders’ responsibility to contact the LVE ticket office should they not receive their invoice.

Q: When do tickets get mailed out?
A: Tickets are mailed out in the beginning of October every year. If you do not receive your tickets by October 15th, please contact the Las Vegas Events Ticket Office immediately.

Q: How are Season Tickets mailed?

A: Souvenir Hard Season Tickets are mailed out via FedEx or USPS. If your current address on file with the Las Vegas Events Ticket Office is a P.O. Box, tickets will be mailed via the United States Postal Service. Canadian accounts will be mailed via USPS. When tickets are shipped there is no signature required. Once your shipment is prepared, you will receive an email with your tracking number. All Digital Season Tickets will be available through your MyNFRAccount. You may access your account by visiting or the NFR App.

Q: What is the NFR Ticket Policy?
A: The NFR Ticket Policy is a detailed explanation of all NFR Ticketing policies and procedures. The Ticket Policy also includes both the “Change of Information Form” and “Transfer & Will Form.” If you have any questions regarding the NFR Ticket Policy, please contact the Las Vegas Events Ticket Office.
Download the NFR Ticket Policy

Q: How do I update my season ticket account address and contact information?
A: To update a season ticket account, the account holder(s) of record must complete and sign the Change of Information (COI) Form. All listed account holders of record must complete and sign a COI Form in order for it to be accepted by Las Vegas Events. A maximum of two (2) account holders of record is permitted per season ticket account. If there is only one account holder of record and you wish to add an immediate family member, defined as a living spouse or child per the NFR Ticket Policy, you may do so by completing the specified portion of the COI form. Las Vegas Events’ primary method of communication is via email. Please make sure to have the most current email listed on the account so you do not miss important notifications. The deadline to update your address in time for the ticket shipment is August 1st.
Download the NFR Change of Information Form

Q: Who may I Transfer or Will my NFR Season Tickets to?
A: NFR tickets may only be transferred or willed to immediate family members. This policy also applies to adding a second name as an account holder of record. An immediate family member is defined as a living spouse or child per the NFR Ticket Policy. There is a maximum of two (2) people who may be listed as account holders of record at any one time.
Download the Transfer and Will Form

Q: What is the difference between Transferring and Willing my NFR Season Tickets?
A: When NFR season tickets are being transferred, the Account Holder(s) of record release all rights to their tickets effective immediately upon the LVE ticket office receiving the proper documentation. When NFR season tickets are being Willed, the Account Holder(s) of record are designating who shall take over the account should something happen to the Account Holder(s) of record. A Will/Living Will is not required in order to Will your NFR tickets through the LVE ticket office. In both transferring and willing NFR season tickets, the person taking control of the account must be an immediate family member (spouse or child). All listed account holders of record must complete and sign the Transfer & Will Form for it to be accepted by LVE.

StubHub is the Official Secondary & Fan-to-Fan Site of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

Posting My Tickets for Resale on StubHub via MyNFRAccount

For your convenience and security, the NFR has created a completely integrated process whereby you can post your tickets for sale on StubHub via the MyNFRAccount platform. You will manage your account by going to or via the NFR App. This integrated environment makes certain that NFR tickets sold on StubHub will always be valid and creates an easy seamless way for you to make them available for sale.

  • Once logged into your MyNFRAccount, select Buy or Sell NFR Tickets via StubHub.
  • Choose the tickets you would like to post for resale.
  • Follow the steps on StubHub to set your price and post your tickets.
  • You will receive the money for your tickets directly from StubHub via the method you have chosen.
  • These sales are subject to StubHub terms and conditions and resale fee structure.
  • Until such time that your posted tickets are purchased you can choose to delist (remove your tickets from sale).
  • Once your ticket is resold on StubHub, it will be removed from your account and the barcode on the original printed souvenir ticket will be invalidated. It is imperative that you destroy or secure any original printed souvenir ticket that has been resold via this integrated process as they are no longer good for admission to the event.
  • The purchaser of the tickets you have resold will receive newly created digital tickets directly from StubHub with a newly assigned barcode that will be valid for admission. Your printed souvenir tickets are no longer valid, and you no longer have control of them.
  • Tickets sold or bought through any other non-sanctioned agency are not a part of this official integrated validation process and may not be valid for entry. Buyer beware.

Please see the list of frequently asked questions (below) for additional details on StubHub

 Q: What if I listed my ticket(s) directly on prior to the MyNFRAccount setup?
A: If you listed your ticket(s) for sale On StubHub directly through their website, you would have received a notification that you will need to return and manually input the barcode in order for the sale to be complete. Once you receive your printed souvenir ticket, you will log into your StubHub account and type in the barcode associated with the ticket you sold for the NFR performance.

Q: Why should I use StubHub instead of other secondary market sites to list my tickets for resale.
A: Your Season Ticket Holder account is the safest and most convenient way to list tickets. The NFR ticketing and StubHub systems are now integrated. A verified ticket will be delivered to the purchaser with no effort on your part. You no longer have to mail or meet the purchaser to deliver a printed souvenir ticket. Remember, that once a purchase is completed, the barcode on your original printed souvenir ticket is no longer valid for admission.

Q: Are there fees associated with posting tickets on StubHub?
A: Yes, your ticket resale is subject to the StubHub terms and conditions and fee structure. You will see that information as you post your tickets.

Q: How do I get paid for tickets that I sell via StubHub?
A: You will get paid directly from StubHub using the method of payment you select on their system.

Q: If I post my tickets for sale on StubHub and I change my mind or the tickets don’t sell, what happens?
A: You may “take down” or delist your tickets at any time up until a buyer purchases them. Once they are purchased the sale is final and your original tickets, printed souvenir or mobile, are no longer valid. If your tickets do not sell, they will be taken off sale at the start of the event.

Q: What should I do with my original printed souvenir ticket once a sale goes through on StubHub?
A: The original printed souvenir ticket is no longer valid once the sale goes through. It is incumbent upon you to keep track of your own ticket usage and to secure your printed souvenir tickets safely. Be certain not to distribute any of the original printed souvenir tickets if you have successfully sold that ticket on StubHub. The original printed souvenir tickets are no longer valid and should be destroyed or secured.


Ticketing Forms and Policy

I would like to update my address, phone number, email address and or add an immediate family member to my NFR ticketing account.
Download Change of Information Form

I would like to transfer or will my NFR Season Tickets.
Download NFR Transfer / Will Form

Something has happened to my NFR Tickets (lost, destroyed, etc.)
Download NFR Ticket Reprint Form

I would like to learn more information on the policies for NFR Tickets.
NFR Ticket Policy

Guests with Disabilities


The Thomas & Mack Center has a limited number of accessible parking spaces available. Parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis for each performance and a state-issued disabled placard or license plate is required to gain entrance (parking fee still applies).

Drop Off Zone

Guests needing special assistance and close access to the building entrances are welcome to be dropped off at the entrance to the Thomas & Mack Center. Elevators are available inside the main lobby of the Thomas & Mack Center; guests attending events at the Cox Pavilion will use these elevators as well. You will also find escalators outside the facility. Guests may also enter The 'Shoe by elevator or escalator.

Due to high traffic, the drop off zone will not be open for pick-ups. Guests must find an alternate location for pick-ups. If you need further assistance while at the facility, please call (702) 895-3725.

ADA Seating

ADA seating is available for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for both season ticket holders and the general public. If you are a Wrangler NFR season ticket holder and are in need of ADA seating, please contact the Las Vegas Events Ticket Office during the season ticket renewal period to discuss available options. You may contact the Las Vegas Events ticket office at or (702) 260-8605.

If you are not a season ticket holder, interested in attending the NFR and require ADA seating, please contact the Thomas and Mack Box Office once tickets become available to the general public. To purchase tickets through the Thomas and Mack Box Office you may do so by calling (702) 739-3267 or by visiting their website at

ADA Seating Eligibility

The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo ADA seating is reserved for fans with disabilities in compliance with ADA laws. This includes fans that require the use of a wheelchair/mobile device or are physically unable to use a standard seat in the Thomas & Mack Center.

Resale and Refunds

To maintain the integrity of ADA seating, ticket holders are discouraged from reselling ADA tickets to ambulatory fans (in person or online). If you find you are unable to use your ADA tickets, it is requested they be returned to the Las Vegas Events ticket office for a refund of the face value of the ticket. Refunds will only be granted to the original purchaser of the ticket(s).

Please direct any comments or questions about our accessible seating policy to

 Contact Us

Contact the Las Vegas Events Ticket Office
The Las Vegas Events Ticket Office primary mode of communication is via email. Please email the LVE Ticket Office at You may also reach us by phone at 702-260-8605.

Contact the Thomas & Mack Center Box Office
To contact a T&M ticket representative, please call (866) 388-3267 or (702) 739-3267.

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