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StubHub is the Official Secondary & Fan-to-Fan Site of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

Posting My Tickets for Resale on StubHub via My Account

For your convenience and security, the NFR has created a completely integrated process whereby you can post your tickets for sale on StubHub via this My Account functionality. You will manage your account by going to or via the NFR App. This integrated environment makes certain that NFR tickets sold on StubHub will always be valid and creates an easy seamless way for you to make them available for sale.
  • Once logged into your My Account, select Buy or Sell NFR Tickets via StubHub.
  • Choose the tickets you would like to post for resale.
  • Follow the steps on StubHub to set your price and post your tickets.
  • You will receive the money for your tickets directly from StubHub via the method you have chosen.
  • These sales are subject to StubHub terms and conditions and resale fee structure.
  • Until such time that your posted tickets are purchased you can choose to delist (remove your tickets from sale).
  • Once your ticket is resold on StubHub, it will be removed from your account and the barcode on the original printed souvenir ticket will be invalidated. It is imperative that you destroy or secure any original printed souvenir ticket that has been resold via this integrated process as they are no longer good for admission to the event.
  • The purchaser of the tickets you have resold will receive newly created digital tickets directly from StubHub with a newly assigned barcode that will be valid for admission. Your printed souvenir tickets are no longer valid, and you no longer have control of them.
  • Tickets sold or bought through any other non-sanctioned agency are not a part of this official integrated validation process and may not be valid for entry. Buyer beware.

Please see the list of frequently asked questions (below) for additional details on StubHub
Q: What if I listed my ticket(s) directly on prior to the My Account setup?
A: If you listed your ticket(s) for sale On StubHub directly through their website, you would have received a notification that you will need to return and manually input the barcode in order for the sale to be complete. Once you receive your printed souvenir ticket, you will log into your StubHub account and type in the barcode associated with the ticket you sold for the NFR performance.

Q: Why should I use StubHub instead of other secondary market sites to list my tickets for resale.
A: Your Season Ticket Holder account is the safest and most convenient way to list tickets. The NFR ticketing and StubHub systems are now integrated. A verified ticket will be delivered to the purchaser with no effort on your part. You no longer have to mail or meet the purchaser to deliver a printed souvenir ticket. Remember, that once a purchase is completed, the barcode on your original printed souvenir ticket is no longer valid for admission.

Q: Are there fees associated with posting tickets on StubHub?
A: Yes, your ticket resale is subject to the StubHub terms and conditions and fee structure. You will see that information as you post your tickets.

Q: How do I get paid for tickets that I sell via StubHub?
A: You will get paid directly from StubHub using the method of payment you select on their system.

Q: If I post my tickets for sale on StubHub and I change my mind or the tickets don’t sell, what happens?
A: You may “take down” or delist your tickets at any time up until a buyer purchases them. Once they are purchased the sale is final and your original tickets, printed souvenir or mobile, are no longer valid. If your tickets do not sell, they will be taken off sale at the start of the event.

Q: What should I do with my original printed souvenir ticket once a sale goes through on StubHub?
A: The original printed souvenir ticket is no longer valid once the sale goes through. It is incumbent upon you to keep track of your own ticket usage and to secure your printed souvenir tickets safely. Be certain not to distribute any of the original printed souvenir tickets if you have successfully sold that ticket on StubHub. The original printed souvenir tickets are no longer valid and should be destroyed or secured.