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Rookie Bareback Rider Keenan Hayes Makes PRCA History with His World Championship

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DEC 16, 2023

Rookie Bareback Rider Keenan Hayes Makes PRCA History with His World Championship


Courtesy of the PRCA

It was a fitting end to an amazing season for bareback rider Keenan Hayes Saturday night.

The Hayden, Colo., native became the first cowboy to win a PRCA Bareback Riding World Championship in his rookie season.

Hayes secured his spot in the PRCA record book with his electric 90-point ride on J Bar J’s Straight Ringer in Round 10 of the 2023 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Teton Ridge before 17,620 spectators at the Thomas & Mack Center.

The ride allowed Hayes to finish with $434,050, which is a PRCA Bareback Riding single-season earnings record. The record was $425,843 by Clayton Biglow in 2019.

“It was awesome, me and Jess (Pope) were over there fighting with some buckskin horses that’s mostly what we were thinking about just getting out on those horses, so it was really fun,” said Hayes, 20.

Hayes placed in five rounds and finished first in the average with 850 points on 10 head. That garnered him a $78,747 check. Jess Pope, the 2022 PRCA Bareback Riding World Champion finished second in the world standings with $315,095 and second in the average with 845.5 points on 10 head.

“I was just worried about getting my hand ready and just let the ride take care of itself and it ended up working out,” Hayes said. “We knew what it was (being the first rookie to win the bareback world championship), I didn’t want to think about it too much, I just knew I had to get the job done.

“I mean I knew it was all going on but like I said I was trying not to think about it much just go out do my job for something I’ve worked for my entire life, it’s pretty awesome,” Hayes said. “No, I’m not surprised at all (how I did this season), like I said I’m sure blessed that God gave me this ability and that I get to show it to everyone, it’s just an amazing experience that I wanted to get done my whole life.”

Saddle bronc rider Zeke Thurston wins world championship No. 4

Zeke Thurston sealed the deal Saturday night on his fourth PRCA Saddle Bronc Riding World Championship.

Thurston split sixth place in Round 10 with an 86.5-point ride on Calgary Stampede’s Dandy Delight to propel himself to the world championship and average title.

The Big Valley, Alberta, cowboy now has world championships in 2016, 2019, 2022, and 2023. Thurston had yet another stellar NFR. He won four rounds – Round 1, Round 5, Round 8 and Round 9 and placed in eight of the 10 rounds.

“I really wanted to go out there tonight and put an exclamation point on the week. That horse was a little bit all over the place and it sure wasn’t a perfect ride, but we weathered it and here we are,” Thurston said.

Thurston shattered his previous single-season earnings mark of $399,916 by finishing atop the 2023 world standings with $456,356.

Thurston joins Brad Gjermundson, Clint Johnson, and Pete Knight with his four world championships. Only Dan Mortensen and Casey Tibbs with six and Billy Etbauer with five have more saddle bronc riding world championships.

“Yeah, that’s a big deal for me,” Thurston said about joining saddle bronc royalty with at least four world championships. “It’s what I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a little boy. It’s just proof that if you work hard enough and chase your dreams, it’s possible.”

Thurston also won the NFR average with 863 points on 10 head. This was the third average title for Thurston as he also won the NFR in 2016 and 2022.

“It’s huge,” Thurston said about representing Canada and capturing another PRCA World Championship. “You get to come represent the country of Canada and some of the very best bronc riders have come from there. It's special to keep that legacy rolling.

“I just had to go ride my broncs, each and every one of them. Consistency is the key, but you have to ace everyone that they draw you regardless of what kind of horse it is. I feel like I was able to accomplish that this week.”

Tie-down roper Riley Webb claims his first world title

Tie-down roper Riley Webb’s memorable season added one last memorable chapter on Saturday night.

Webb clocked a 10.9-second time in Round 10 to clinch the coveted gold buckle – the first of his career.

“It hasn’t even sunk in yet. I’m just blessed to be in this situation at 20-years-old. I’m so fortunate to have this support system from my family to the horses that have made this dream come true. I’m so grateful,” said Webb, 20.

“I drew a great calf (in Round 10) and just knew that I needed to hold my spot down. It actually took me longer than I was hoping, with it being my longest time of the week,” Webb said. “Thankfully, I had a great year and a great showing at the NFR, so I didn’t have to go out and win the round to make it happen. All the runs and the miles we traveled throughout the year put me in that position and I’m so grateful.”

Although Webb didn’t place in Round 10, Webb finished second in the average – 82.9 seconds on 10 head – which earned him a $63,889 check. Webb finished atop the world standings with $452,852, a single-season tie-down roping record, breaking the mark of $374,737 set by Caleb Smidt in 2022.

Webb had to hold off hard-charging Haven Meged, who finished second in the world standings with $411,263 and won the average with an NFR-record 77.4 seconds on 10 head.

Webb placed in five rounds, highlighted by his Round 3 win in 6.9 seconds.

Steer wrestler Tyler Waguespack's Round 10 magic results in world title No. 5

For the second year in a row, Tyler Waguespack worked his Round 10 magic to win another PRCA Steer Wresting World Championship.

Waguespack split the Round 10 win with a 3.8-second run, which helped him to reach third in the average and walk away with world championship No. 5.

“The run that I was able to pull off with the steer that I had was awesome, he was a hard running steer,” said Waguespack, who entered Round 10 in fourth place in the world standings. “I wasn’t very happy about him and having drawn him. I talked to my hazer and said if you can get up there and shut him down at all, we can get a good run. We ran him over halfway and the Lord was behind me right there. We turned sideways, but golly it worked out.”

Dalton Massey, who was leading the world standings as the last cowboy out, clocked a 13.3-second run, which included a 10-second penalty for breaking the barrier. He failed to place in the round and was sixth in the average.

That left Waguespack atop the world standings with $303,576, breaking his previous single-season record of 298,676 set in 2016. Massey finished second in the world standings with $283,993.

Waguespack joins exclusive company. Only ProRodeo Hall of Famers Homer Pettigrew (6) and Luke Branquinho (5) have won at least five steer wrestling gold buckles.

In 2022, Waguespack entered Round 10 third in the world standings and left the Thomas & Mack Center in first.

“I come from a great family; they’ve always been there. Helping me throughout and kept pushing me to be better and better,” Waguespack said. “We’d go to practice, and we worked hard, and we got a lot of trust in the Lord. All of this gets us where we need to be.

“I can’t wait for January to come around. Let’s get rolling and let’s go do it again.”

Team ropers Tyler Wade/Wesley Thorp win header, heeler titles

An all business, efficient run in Round 10 was all that separated team ropers – header Tyler Wade and heeler Wesley Thorp – from coveted world championships.

Well, the duo clocked a 5.4-second time and that left them third in the average with a $50,517 check, catapulting them to capture gold buckles.

Wade was making his sixth NFR appearance and finished a career-best eighth in the 2022 world standings. That’s not the case anymore.

Wade finished with $308,057 in the world standings and Thorp earned $325,284.

“I don’t know yet. It hasn’t sunk in. I told Thorp I don’t know if I’m a world champion or not. I know he is cause he already has one. I just let him guide me,” Wade said. “I think the whole time we weren’t trying to do anything different other than give ourselves a chance. Take the risk we needed to take when we needed to take them, and it could not have worked out better in our favor. Every time we needed to step up in the round and make a run, we drew the best steer. It felt like God’s timing more than anything.”

Thorp won his lone world championship in 2019.

“This is unbelievable because all I can think about are the times you are down throughout the year, and you have to find something to pick you up,” Thorp said. “How do you get that low to this spot right here. This is everything when you get here because it makes you realize that you just have to be ready for any opportunity that comes.”

Ky Hamilton clinches first career PRCA Bull Riding World Championship

The emotional rollercoaster ride that was the 2023 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Teton Ridge for bull rider Ky Hamilton ended with a gold buckle and average buckle.

Hamilton finished atop the PRCA | RAM World Standings with $595,414 and clinched his first career PRCA World Championship on Friday night at the Thomas & Mack Center.

Hamilton, who is a native of Mackay, Australia, is the first Australian to capture a PRCA Bull Riding World Championship. Hamilton broke the single season bull riding mark, breaking Stetson Wright’s mark of $592,144 in 2022.

Hamilton also captured the RAM Top Gun Award for the first time in his career by earning $239,060. The Top Gun Award was created in 2010 and is given to the contestant who wins the most money at the Wrangler NFR in one event.

“It means everything. That’s what I came over here to do. By the time I started riding when I was 12, I told everyone that all I wanted to do was be a bull riding world champion. To come over here and get that done, it’s just the icing on the cake.”

Hamilton joins ProRodeo Hall of Famers Dave Appleton (all-around, 1988) and Glen O'Neill (saddle bronc riding, 2002) as the only native Australians to win PRCA World Championships.

Although Hamilton was given a re-ride in Round 9 – which he took as the first bull out in Round 10 Saturday night and was bucked off – he clinched the world crown based on how things folded in Round 9.

No bull rider in the field could surpass Hamilton atop the world standings even if a cowboy was the lone rider in Round 10 ($99,053) and won the average ($78,747).

Hamilton was bucked off Championship Pro Rodeo's Dark Thoughts as his re-ride bull from Round 9 as the first competitor in Round 10 and then he was scheduled as the last rider out for Round 10 aboard Rafter G Rodeo's Western Haulers Hurricane, but opted not to take the ride.

Hamilton, won the average with 514.5 points on six head and became the first Australian to do so since Greg Potter of Ridgelands, Queensland, Australia, accomplished the feat with 502.5 points on six head in 2003.

Hamilton had a drama-packed NFR for the ages on the way to his inaugural world championship.

Hamilton wasn't supposed to compete in Round 6 of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo on Wednesday morning – until he did.

Just 16 hours after losing consciousness and suffering a concussion when he was bucked off in Round 5, Hamilton was back in the yellow bucking chutes, Wednesday morning for Round 6, and winning money. Hamilton split third in Round 6 with his 85.5-point ride on Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics' Love The Grind's Bouchon.

Hamilton was knocked out during his ride aboard Honeycutt Rodeo's Bales Hay's MAGA during Round 5. Hamilton, who smacked heads with the bull, was sent to University Medical Center Trauma Center in Las Vegas for evaluation and observation.

That was just the opening act for Hamilton. In Round 7, Hamilton claimed the victory with an 88-point ride on Duane Kesler's Alberta Prime Devil's Advocate. He also was the lone rider on Wednesday night – earning him a $99,053 payday. In total, Hamilton earned $114,654 for his 16 seconds of work in Round 6 and Round 7.

Hamilton won three rounds total at the 2023 Wrangler NFR – Round 1 with his 86.5-point ride aboard Cervi Championship Rodeo's Vitalix Theodore and Round 4 with an 89-point ride on Bridwell Pro Rodeos' Fred.

“It’s has been (tough) but it’s been fun. Sure, getting knocked out is not fun but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way,” Hamilton said. “I grew up idolizing cowboys and surrounding myself with bull riders that are cowboys, and it was just another day for me. The Troy Dunn’s and JB Mauney’s are who I wanted to be like, carrying their mentality of just another day. I’m just glad I have guys around me that are like them, groomed me, and showed me the way.”

Hamilton won the most money of any competitor at this year's NFR at $262,502, counting ground money. Hamilton made his fourth NFR appearance.

Stetson Wright captures fifth-consecutive all-around title

Superstar Stetson Wright has added another world championship to his resume. The Milford, Utah, cowboy clinched his fifth career PRCA All-Around World Championship and eighth overall. Despite being sidelined after Round 2 of the 2023 Wrangler NFR in his two events – saddle bronc riding and bull riding – because of a right hamstring strain, Wright clinched the all-around crown with $479,621.

"This is awesome," said Wright, 24, about winning the all-around title. "Through everything that happened here recently, the humbling experience that I have been a part of. To know that I blew everybody out of the water so much that I didn't have to win a penny at the Finals in order to win this is pretty special. This will be a world title I will not forget. I stopped thinking about world titles after I pulled myself out of the NFR. I just wanted to be healthy, and it is pretty special to win something like that when you're not even able to finish the richest ten days of the year."

Wright's world title collection consists of all-around titles in 2019-23, bull riding (2020, 2022) and saddle bronc riding (2021).

Wright joins a select group of ProRodeo Hall of Fame cowboys – Joe Beaver, Roy Cooper, Don Gay, Larry Mahan, Don McLaughlin, Rich Skelton, Harry Tompkins and Fred Whitfield – who have won eight PRCA World Championships. There are only 18 cowboys in PRCA history to win at least eight world championships.

ProRodeo Hall of Famer Trevor Brazile has the PRCA record with 26 world championships, including a record 14 in the all-around.

"My goal is to break Trevor's (all-around) record and the way I'm going to do that is being wise enough to know when to hold'em and when to fold'em. This was a week of folding them and just trusting that everything my dad (Cody, ProRodeo Hall of Fame saddle bronc rider) is telling me is going to pan out for the best. If I'm going to get there, I have to be healthy for the next ten years.

"I'm super happy with my decision (to opt out of the NFR with his injury). I knew (Nelson) Wyatt has a chance to win the all-around and before I made the decision, it wasn't just the bronc riding title and the bull riding title. It was everything. As good as those team ropers and timed-event guys are they are likely to win ten rounds because they are so fast."

Wright acknowledged he doesn't expect anything from the sport of rodeo – it has to be earned.

"The way I go about is that I never think I have anything won, until I'm holding that gold buckle," Wright said. "That's when I know the fight is over. Me having to throw in the towel before this (NFR) got started was a hard pill to swallow. When you hear everybody call you Superman, you start believing your invincible and then you realize really quick that you're just as human as everybody else. That was the hardest thing for me. I have dealt with injuries, but I have never had my body not cooperate with me and not fire. It would shut off and shutdown, but I could still ride, that wasn't the case this time. I'm at peace with my decision. Eight-time world champion sounds better than seven."

Wright is hoping to have surgery Dec. 18, and he has no timetable for his return.

"I will be back when I'm 100 percent," Wright said. "I will be back, so everybody still believes in Superman."

Barrel racer Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi captures world championship

Barrel racer Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi is now a three-time world champion.

The Lampasas, Texas, cowgirl – by placing second in Round 8 with a 13.34-second – clinched her third world title to go along with the ones she captured in 2007 and 2009.

Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi finished atop the standings with $496,499, a single-season barrel racing record. She finished second in the average with 141.18 seconds on 10 runs. Lisa Lockhart won the average with 137.18 seconds on 10 head.

2023 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Results
Round 10, Dec. 16
Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nev.

Bareback Riding: Tenth round: 1. Keenan Hayes, 90 points on J Bar J's Straight Ringer, $30,706; 2. Dean Thompson, 89, $24,268; 3. Leighton Berry, 88.5, $18,325; 4. (tie) Tanner Aus and Cole Reiner, 87.5, $10,401 each; 6. Kade Sonnier, 87, $4,953; 7. Tim O'Connell, 86.5; 8. Richmond Champion, 85; 9. (tie) Clayton Biglow, Orin Larsen and Jayco Roper, 84.5 each; 12. Mason Clements, 84; 13. (tie) Jess Pope and Jacob Lees, 78.5 each; 15. Rocker Shane Steiner, 74. Average: 1. Keenan Hayes, 850 points on ten head, $78,747; 2. Jess Pope, 845.5, $63,889; 3. (tie) Kade Sonnier and Cole Reiner, 843, $43,831 each; 5. Leighton Berry, 841, $26,744; 6. Tanner Aus, 837, $19,315; 7. Mason Clements, 836, $13,372; 8. Jacob Lees, 830, $7,429; 9. Richmond Champion, 829; 10. Clayton Biglow, 828.5; 11. Tim O'Connell, 826; 12. Rocker Shane Steiner, 823.5; 13. Jayco Roper, 749 points on nine head; 14. Orin Larsen, 720; 15. Dean Thompson, 653.5 points on eight head. World Standings: 1. Keenan Hayes, $434,050; 2. Jess Pope, $315,095; 3. Kade Sonnier, $272,411; 4. Clayton Biglow, $269,892; 5. Rocker Shane Steiner, $265,218; 6. Leighton Berry, $259,249; 7. Cole Reiner, $251,706; 8. Mason Clements, $224,653; 9. Tim O'Connell, $214,891; 10. Tanner Aus, $210,377; 11. Jacob Lees, $206,307; 12. Jayco Roper, $205,076; 13. Dean Thompson, $170,672; 14. Orin Larsen, $163,675; 15. Richmond Champion, $151,404.

Steer Wrestling: Tenth round: 1. (tie) Tyler Waguespack and Will Lummus, 3.8 seconds, $27,487 each; 3. Bridger Anderson, 3.9, $18,325; 4. Dirk Tavenner, 4.0, $12,877; 5. (tie) Jesse Brown, J.D. Struxness and Don Payne, 4.2, $4,292 each; 8. Jacob Talley, 4.3; 9. Dakota Eldridge, 4.8; 10. Stephen Culling, 5.0; 11. Ty Erickson, 5.5; 12. Cody Devers, 5.8; 13. Stan Branco, 6.6; 14. Dalton Massey, 13.3; 15. Nick Guy, NT. Average: 1. Don Payne, 44.9 seconds on ten head, $78,747; 2. Jesse Brown, 46.2, $63,889; 3. Tyler Waguespack, 50.3, $50,517; 4. Stephen Culling, 53.0, $37,145; 5. Stan Branco, 62.4, $26,744; 6. Dalton Massey, 68.6, $19,315; 7. Dakota Eldridge, 40.9 seconds on nine head, $13,372; 8. Nick Guy, 43.5, $7,429; 9. J.D. Struxness, 46.7; 10. Ty Erickson, 58.2; 11. Dirk Tavenner, 43.2 seconds on eight head; 12. Jacob Talley, 54.1; 13. Bridger Anderson, 28.6 seconds on seven head; 14. Cody Devers, 36.3; 15. Will Lummus, 51.0. World Standings: 1. Tyler Waguespack, $303,576; 2. Dalton Massey, $283,993; 3. Jesse Brown, $276,444; 4. Stan Branco, $254,393; 5. J.D. Struxness, $239,704; 6. Don Payne, $218,180; 7. Bridger Anderson, $206,450; 8. Dirk Tavenner, $205,501; 9. Stephen Culling, $197,726; 10. Will Lummus, $196,003; 11. Ty Erickson, $194,120; 12. Dakota Eldridge, $175,162; 13. Nick Guy, $167,895; 14. Jacob Talley, $164,282; 15. Cody Devers, $144,839.

Team Roping: Tenth round: 1. Nelson Wyatt/Jonathan Torres, 3.7 seconds, $30,706 each; 2. (tie) Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nunes Nogueira and Clint Summers/Jake Long, 3.9, $21,296 each; 4. Andrew Ward/Buddy Hawkins II, 4.0, $12,877; 5. Erich Rogers/Paul Eaves, 4.2, $7,924; 6. Derrick Begay/Colter Todd, 4.4, $4,953; 7. Luke Brown/Hunter Koch, 4.9; 8. Marcus Theriot/Cole Curry, 5.3; 9. Tyler Wade/Wesley Thorp, 5.4; 10. Rhen Richard/Jeremy Buhler, 14.4; 11. (tie) Coleman Proctor/Logan Medlin, Dustin Egusquiza/Levi Lord, Tanner Tomlinson/Patrick Smith, Jake Cooper Clay/Tyler Worley and Clay Smith/Paden Bray, NT. Average: 1. Derrick Begay/Colter Todd, 69.0 seconds on ten head, $78,747 each; 2. Luke Brown/Hunter Koch, 51.9 seconds on nine head, $63,889; 3. Tyler Wade/Wesley Thorp, 58.9, $50,517; 4. Andrew Ward/Buddy Hawkins II, 59.0, $37,145; 5. Clint Summers/Jake Long, 41.5 seconds on eight head, $26,744; 6. Nelson Wyatt/Jonathan Torres, 62.8, $19,315; 7. Rhen Richard/Jeremy Buhler, 68.8, $13,372; 8. Erich Rogers/Paul Eaves, 39.7 seconds on seven head, $7,429; 9. Marcus Theriot/Cole Curry, 47.3; 10. Tanner Tomlinson/Patrick Smith, 49.8; 11. Clay Smith/Paden Bray, 30.0 seconds on six head; 12. Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nunes Nogueira, 35.3; 13. Jake Cooper Clay/Tyler Worley, 35.4 seconds on five head; 14. Coleman Proctor/Logan Medlin, 49.1; 15. Dustin Egusquiza/Levi Lord, 26.3 seconds on four head. World Standings (Headers): 1. Tyler Wade, $308,057; 2. Clint Summers, $283,040; 3. Andrew Ward, $269,878; 4. Derrick Begay, $269,125; 5. Luke Brown, $260,294; 6. Nelson Wyatt, $251,412; 7. Kaleb Driggers, $214,471; 8. Rhen Richard, $213,717; 9. Dustin Egusquiza, $190,445; 10. Erich Rogers, $188,590; 11. Coleman Proctor, $187,071; 12. Tanner Tomlinson, $181,204; 13. Clay Smith, $180,180; 14. Jake Cooper Clay, $149,748; 15. Marcus Theriot, $140,889. World Standings (Heelers): 1. Wesley Thorp, $325,284; 2. Jake Long, $296,541; 3. Colter Todd, $284,292; 4. Buddy Hawkins II, $269,878; 5. Hunter Koch, $260,294; 6. Junior Nunes Nogueira, $214,471; 7. Jeremy Buhler, $213,717; 8. Jonathan Torres, $201,238; 9. Levi Lord, $190,445; 10. Paul Eaves, $188,941; 11. Logan Medlin, $187,071; 12. Patrick Smith, $181,204; 13. Paden Bray, $175,581; 14. Tyler Worley, $143,604; 15. Cole Curry, $133,712.

Saddle Bronc Riding: Tenth round: 1. Sage Newman, 91 points on Andrews Rodeo Inc.'s All Or Nothin, $30,706; 2. Ryder Wright, 90.5, $24,268; 3. Damian Brennan, 88, $18,325; 4. Lefty Marvel Holman, 87.5, $12,877; 5. Dawson Hay, 87, $7,924; 6. (tie) Kade Bruno and Zeke Thurston, 86.5, $2,476 each; 8. (tie) Layton Green and Tanner Butner, 86 each; 10. Brody Cress, 85; 11. (tie) Ben T. Andersen and Ryder Sanford, 84.5 each; 13. Wyatt Casper, NS; 14. (tie) Chase Brooks and Stetson Dell Wright, Inj. Average: 1. Zeke Thurston, Big Valley, 863 points on ten head, $78,747; 2. Brody Cress, 856, $63,889; 3. Lefty Marvel Holman, 852.5, $50,517; 4. Damian Brennan, 851, $37,145; 5. (tie) Sage Newman and Tanner Butner, 844.5, $23,030 each; 7. Kade Bruno, 764 points on nine head, $13,372; 8. Ryder Wright, 761.5, $7,429; 9. Wyatt Casper, 751.0; 10. Layton Green, 717.0; 11. Ryder Sanford, 666 points on eight head; 12. Dawson Hay, 665.5; 13. Chase Brooks, 662.5; 14. Ben T. Andersen, 566.5 points on seven head; 15. Stetson Dell Wright, Inj. World Standings: 1. Zeke Thurston, $456,356; 2. Sage Newman, $397,836; 3. Kade Bruno, $322,178; 4. Brody Cress, $312,949; 5. Damian Brennan, $296,495; 6. Lefty Marvel Holman, $294,633; 7. Ryder Wright, $286,447; 8. Stetson Dell Wright, $261,626; 9. Tanner Butner, $236,830; 10. Wyatt Casper, $205,662; 11. Dawson Hay, $202,376; 12. Chase Brooks, $175,800; 13. Ben T. Andersen, $160,940; 14. Ryder Sanford, $154,703; 15. Layton Green, $146,829.

Tie-Down Roping: Tenth round: 1. Shad Mayfield, 6.7 seconds, $30,706; 2. Tuf Case Cooper, 6.9, $24,268; 3. Beau Cooper, 7.4, $18,325; 4. (tie) Caleb Smidt and Cory Solomon, 8.0, $10,401 each; 6. Shane Hanchey, 8.2, $4,953; 7. Haven Meged, 8.7; 8. Hunter Herrin, 9.0; 9. Ty Harris, 9.8; 10. John Douch, 10.4; 11. Westyn Hughes, 10.8; 12. Riley Mason Webb, 10.9; 13. Kincade Henry, 14.9; 14. Blane Cox, 16.1; 15. Brushton Minton, NT. Average: 1. Haven Meged, 77.4 seconds on ten head, $78,747; 2. Riley Mason Webb, 82.9, $63,889; 3. Caleb Smidt, 92.6, $50,517; 4. Kincade Henry, 93.3, $37,145; 5. Shane Hanchey, 94.9, $26,744; 6. John Douch, 95.8, $19,315; 7. Cory Solomon, 109.1, $13,372; 8. Blane Cox, 115.3, $7,429; 9. Westyn Hughes, 119.6; 10. Tuf Case Cooper, 69.8 seconds on nine head; 11. Hunter Herrin, 95.1; 12. Brushton Minton, 104.4; 13. Ty Harris, 116.1; 14. Shad Mayfield, 57.3 seconds on seven head; 15. Beau Cooper, 58.4 seconds on five head. World Standings: 1. Riley Mason Webb, $452,852; 2. Haven Meged, $411,263; 3. Shad Mayfield, $309,383; 4. Caleb Smidt, $296,165; 5. Tuf Case Cooper, $265,724; 6. Cory Solomon, $246,331; 7. Shane Hanchey, $216,187; 8. Kincade Henry, $211,028; 9. Hunter Herrin, $207,426; 10. John Douch, $199,344; 11. Westyn Hughes, $196,964; 12. Blane Cox, $176,658; 13. Ty Harris, $170,235; 14. Beau Cooper, $145,742; 15. Brushton Minton, $134,476.

Barrel Racing: Tenth round: 1. Lisa Lockhart, 13.54 seconds, $30,706; 2. Summer Kosel, 13.59, $24,268; 3. Hailey Kinsel, 13.67, $18,325; 4. Jessica Routier, 13.73, $12,877; 5. Paige Jones, 13.76, $7,924; 6. Ilyssa Riley, 13.79, $4,953; 7. Sissy Winn, 13.81; 8. Stevi Hillman, 13.85; 9. Sue Smith, 13.97; 10. Kassie Mowry, 18.28; 11. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 18.52; 12. Emily Beisel, 18.56; 13. Jordon Briggs, 18.92; 14. Wenda Johnson, 19.74; 15. Taycie Matthews, NT. Average: 1. Lisa Lockhart, 137.18 seconds on ten runs, $78,747; 2. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 141.18, $63,889; 3. Kassie Mowry, 141.20, $50,517; 4. Paige Jones, 142.21, $37,145; 5. Jordon Briggs, 142.23, $26,744; 6. Jessica Routier, 142.76, $19,315; 7. Ilyssa Riley, 144.54, $13,372; 8. Hailey Kinsel, 148.67, $7,429; 9. Sue Smith, 149.00; 10. Summer Kosel, 152.66; 11. Sissy Winn, 156.64; 12. Stevi Hillman, 158.09; 13. Emily Beisel, 161.48; 14. Wenda Johnson, 163.64; 15. Taycie Matthews, 154.88 seconds on nine head. World Standings: 1. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, $496,499; 2. Lisa Lockhart, $343,688; 3. Kassie Mowry, $322,593; 4. Jordon Briggs, $272,519; 5. Emily Beisel, $246,674; 6. Sissy Winn, $229,962; 7. Summer Kosel, $228,697; 8. Paige Jones, $217,139; 9. Jessica Routier, $194,843; 10. Stevi Hillman, $173,990; 11. Hailey Kinsel, $154,406; 12. Taycie Matthews, $154,161; 13. Ilyssa Riley, $139,798; 14. Sue Smith, $133,969; 15. Wenda Johnson, $130,506.

Bull Riding: Ninth round: 1. Jeff Askey, 89 points on Salt River Rodeo Company's Belly Dump, $31,697; 2. Hayes Weight, 86, $25,259; 3. Josh Frost, 82, $19,315; 4. Tristen Hutchings, 80.5, $13,867; 5. T Parker, 75, $8,915; 6. (tie) Ky John Hamilton, Trey Holston, Creek Walker Young, Trey Kimzey, Sage Steele Kimzey, Jordan Hansen, Jared Parsonage, Cody Teel and Cullen R. Telfer, NS; 15. Stetson Dell Wright, Inj. Bull Riding: Tenth round: 1. Hayes Weight, 91 points on Stace Smith Pro Rodeos's Polar Express, $30,706; 2. Josh Frost, 89.5, $24,268; 3. Jared Parsonage, 88.5, $18,325; 4. Creek Walker Young, 87, $12,877; 5. Jordan Hansen, 85.5, $7,924; 6. Trey Kimzey, 74.5, $4,953; 7. (tie) Trey Holston, Tristen Hutchings, T Parker, Cody Teel, Jeff Askey, Cullen R. Telfer and Sage Steele Kimzey, NS; 14. (tie) Ky Hamilton and Stetson Dell Wright, Inj. Average: 1. Ky John Hamilton, 514.5 points on six head, $78,747; 2. Sage Steele Kimzey, 437 points on five head, $63,889; 3. Josh Frost, 429.5, $50,517; 4. Jared Parsonage, 421, $37,145; 5. Trey Kimzey, 412.0, $26,744; 6. Creek Walker Young, 344.5 points on four head, $19,315; 7. Jeff Askey, 260 points on three head, $13,372; 8. Jordan Hansen, 258, $7,429; 9. T Parker, 239.5; 10. Hayes Weight, 177 points on two head; 11. Tristen Hutchings, 169.5; 12. Cody Teel, 167.5; 13. Trey Holston, 166; 14. (tie) Cullen R. Telfer and Stetson Dell Wright, NS. World Standings: 1. Ky John Hamilton, $595,414; 2. Josh Frost, $400,766; 3. Stetson Dell Wright, $378,630; 4. Sage Steele Kimzey, $369,223; 5. Trey Kimzey, $259,768; 6. Creek Walker Young, $253,205; 7. Jared Parsonage, $249,265; 8. Jeff Askey, $238,766; 9. Tristen Hutchings, $235,766; 10. Hayes Weight, $220,660; 11. Jordan Hansen, $198,796; 12. Trey Holston, $196,468; 13. T Parker, $193,251; 14. Cody Teel, $166,472; 15. Cullen R. Telfer, $138,245.

All-Around: 1. Stetson Dell Wright, $479,621; 2. Caleb Smidt, $296,461; 3. Nelson Wyatt, $250,463; 4. Paden Bray, $189,973; 5. Coleman Proctor, $167,193; 6. Jake Clay Cooper Clay, $150,770; 7. Brushton Minton, $150,612; 8. Marcus Theriot, $143,600; 9. Taylor Santos, $128,504; 10. Paul David Tierney, $118,342.

RAM Top Gun: 1. Ky John Hamilton, $239,060; 2. Zeke Thurston, $234,437; 3. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 225,935; 4. Haven Meged, $216,195; 5. Lisa Lockhart, $209,096; 6. Kassie Mowry, $188,791; 7. Jess Pope, $188,048; 8. (tie) Clint Summers and Jake Long, $182,517 each; 10. Brodie Cress, $180,206.