Stetson Wright Clinches Third Straight All-Around World Title

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DEC 9, 2021

Stetson Wright Clinches Third Straight All-Around World Title


Courtesy of the PRCA/Image by Tom Donoghue

Stetson Wright keeps adding gold buckles to his collection.

His latest came at the 2021 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Teton Ridge when he secured his third consecutive all-around world champion Thursday night before 16,948 fans at the Thomas & Mack Center.

“It means a lot to me because that means I put together a full year where I was doing two of the toughest and most dangerous (events),” Wright said. “I think it’s pretty sweet that I had so much luck and kept my body this healthy.

“Oh, it’s awesome I mean Trevor is the greatest there’s ever been. So, to have my name next to him it’s pretty awesome.”

Brazile, the King of Cowboys, won a PRCA-record 26 world championships, including 14 all-around gold buckles.

“I’m here to win rounds, I’m not worried about gold buckles right now,” Wright said. “I’ll worry about them when I’m holding onto them.”

Wright has $498,328 in the all-around the PRCA | RAM World Standings. He secured his latest all-around crown, thanks to splitting the win in Round 8 in saddle bronc riding with a 91-point ride on Beutler & Son Rodeo’s Foul Motion. He earned $24,166.

Wright is the first cowboy in PRCA history to win three straight all-around titles to start his career. He also is the first cowboy to collect three all-around titles in a row since Brazile accomplished the feat from 2013-2015.

With two nights left to go at the Finals, the Milford, Utah, cowboy has a $269,260 lead over tie-down roper Caleb Smidt for the top spot.

Wright has earned $598,990 so far this season in saddle bronc riding and bull riding. That shatters Trevor Brazile’s PRCA all-time single season earnings record of $518,011, which was set in 2015. He will have four more outs to increase the all-time mark. His run at this year’s NFR is highlighted by a 94.5-point bull ride on Powder River Rodeo’s Chiseled in Round 5. He has one split win and two second place finishes in saddle bronc riding.

“Any record that he (Brazile) sets has a special meaning,” Wright said. “A lot of people thought it was impossible to beat (that record).”

Bareback rider Kaycee Feild snares his fourth-round win at 2021 NFR
Bareback rider Kaycee Feild keeps making more history as he charges toward his sixth world championship.

The five-time and reigning bareback riding world champion is the all-time PRCA record holder in bareback riding round wins at the National Finals Rodeo now with 27 after his fourth-round win at the 2021 NFR.

Feild added to his history by winning Round 8 with an 87.5-point ride on Hi Lo Pro Rodeo’s High Heels at the Thomas & Mack Center.

“That ride was a lot of fun right out of there,” Feild said. “Then about six seconds the lights were going out. I knew I just had to bear down and keep my composure.”

Feild won Round 3 outright with a 90-point ride on Frontier Rodeo’s Full Baggage and split Round 4 with an 87.5-point ride on Bar T Rodeo’s Outlaw and then won Round 5 with a 91-point ride on Brookman Rodeo’s Famous Dex, setting the stage for Round 8. Feild won a PRCA record six rounds at the 2011 NFR.

Feild is tied with Joe Alexander and Bruce Ford for the most bareback riding world championships in PRCA history. Feild leads the world standings $278,461. He’s first in the average with 699 points on eight head.

“My goals are maybe not exactly how I wrote them down, but they are lining up for the end one pretty good,” Feild said.

Bull rider Parker Breding stays on heater, wins Round 8
Bull rider Parker Breding continues to have an NFR to remember.

The Edgar, Mont., cowboy won his third round of the 2021 NFR, snaring the Round 8 title with a 92.5-point ride on Stace Smith Pro Rodeos’ Let’s Gamble. He has placed in five of eight rounds.

“I bucked off a couple now and I was trying to completely forget about those,” said Breding. “I watched some videos of this bull I had tonight, and I really liked the looks of him. I knew I had another really good opportunity to be doing this interview if I could just stay forward, get him rode, and it worked out pretty good.”

Breding acknowledged there has been no secret formula to his success.

“I’ve just been treating it as one bull at a time and like I said, not letting the bad get to me,” Breding said. “I had that bull last night rode I felt like and (he) got me down before the whistle so I was little bummed out, but I had to get over that today and make sure it was out of my mind to do it again.”

Breding is fourth in the world standings with $237,248 and leads the average with 518 points on six bulls.

“I definitely think I need to not let myself get complacent,” he said. “It’s definitely the best I’ve ever done here but I need to treat it likes it’s not and that I have something to prove. Go out these last two (nights) like I have been and try to finish off strong.”

Steer wrestler Lummus keeps rolling with another round win
Steer wrestler Will Lummus has been rolling at the 2021 Wrangler NFR, and that trend continued Thursday night.

The Byhalia, Miss., cowboy clocked a 3.4-second run to win Round 8.

Lummus also split the Round 4 win and split second place in Round 5. He’s fourth in the world standings with $163,259. He also leads the average with 34.4 seconds on eight head.

The steer Lummus drew for Round 8 was the one Tyler Pearson won Round 5 with, stopping the clock in 3.6 seconds.

“I did, I just had to hit the barrier and use the steer the right way,” Lummus said. “I was upset with myself last night; I had a good steer last night and I backed of the barrier, and it cost me. I ended up 6, when I should have been second or third. After last night I was second in the average and I decided if I want a chance to win a gold buckle, I must take chances. Those guys all around me are not going to back off and I can’t either.”

Lummus knows nothing will come easy in Round 9 and Round 10.

“I think we do a pretty good job preparing steers every year, and this year we have had a bunch of really good steers, that have given a lot of guys a chance to win and fight for that average and even a world championship,” Lummus said. “I think everyone who makes it here to Vegas has a shot to be No. 1 and it’s been that way for the last decade. Whether they are first timers or been here before, if they are in the Top 15, anyone of them can dang sure make it happen and that make my event to tough and fun.”

Team ropers Smith/Corkill capture their first round win of 2021 NFR
World champion team ropers Clay Smith and Jade Corkill snared their first round win of the 2021 NFR with a 3.7-second time in Round 8.

“We knew we had a good steer and I made a little mistake in the earlier rounds and I just thought it was time not to back off and go at them,” Smith said. “The steer wasn’t easy to heel he (Jade) had to do a good job catching him.”

Corkill was quick to praise his partner.

“First we had a really good steer and he (Clay) had it on him it felt like as fast as I have ever had one turned here and I caught,” Corkill said. “It was all him tonight. This is what we do it for. The hardest thing is staying patient through the corner and not getting ahead of yourself. We are at the point now where we need to win and that’s what we are going to try and do.”

Smith and Corkill have placed in four rounds. Smith is third in the header world standings and Corkill is second in the heeler standings.

Saddle bronc riders Stetson Wright, Layton Green split Round 8
Saddle bronc rider Stetson Wright had a 91-point ride on Beutler & Son Rodeo’s Foul Motion and Canadian cowboy Layton Green was 91 points on C5 Rodeo’s Virgil to split the Round 8 win.

“It’s awesome,” said Green about his first-round win of the 2021 NFR. “It’s a really good horse, C5’s (Rodeo) Virgil, and I don’t know how many go-rounds they have won on him here, but I know it’s quite a few in the bareback riding and the first one in the (saddle) bronc riding. That horse is everything a guy could ask for, big, strong, and really bucked today. Just super happy.

“Yeah, it was special to do it on Canada night. I think if the Canadians could pick a go-round to win, I think they would pick to do it on Canada night. It was special.”

Tie-down roper Herrin wins with 7.1-second run
Veteran Hunter Herrin won for the first time at this year’s NFR, winning Round 8 with a 7.1-second run.

“They had a sixth place and a fourth-place finish on this calf, but I really liked the way she split the gate and ran hard,” Herrin said. “I’ve had some calves this week that didn’t break as hard and fast and that makes me adjust my loop, so this calf was more to my liking for sure.”

This year’s NFR has been a tough-go as he only placed in one round – sixth in Round 2, 8.8 seconds – before Thursday.

“It has been all on me, I just have not roped like I know I can and then I started to question where do I go from here?,” Herrin said. “I made a horse change before Round 4 and went to Marty Yates’ back-up horse. My good horse Rambo wasn’t doing anything wrong; I was just trying to find something that would get things working for me again. Marty’s horse did great to, but again I just was not roping well, so I went back to Rambo and got things on the good side tonight.

“I think it might be, Rambo had been the one that has gotten me here and he is an amazing horse, but I think this might be his last trip here. He’ll stay at home and enjoy life in the pasture, but I can’t tell you how much that horse has meant to me.”

Barrel racer Jordon Briggs snares Round 8 victory
Barrel racer Jordon Briggs placed for the sixth time in eight rounds, winning Round 8 with 13.45-second run.

“I just trust my horse so much,” Briggs said. “We just have to go at it every night. This is a really tough group of ladies, and I am the only one that hasn’t hit a barrel, so even if I do it won’t kill me. So, you just keep going at the rounds and trust my horse and my training.”

Briggs, who is the only barrel racer so far not to hit a barrel, is second in the world standings.

“Definitely pressure there,” Briggs said about not hitting a barrel. “You wouldn’t have a heartbeat if you didn’t feel that pressure. I just keep trying to just be grateful that I am here and be grateful for what I have already accomplished. I just have to leave the rest up to whatever happens.”

Briggs was quick to praise her horse Rollo for her success.

“I sure hoped he would be successful here,” Briggs said. “He gave me no other indication to think any differently. I knew my horse could do it. I had to make sure my mental capability was strong enough to handle these 10 days. I am thankful for my support team which grew tonight with my mom (Kristie Peterson), my little girl and my sister all arriving into town. So, this South Point party is going to be awesome tonight.”

2021 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Results
Round 8, Dec. 9
Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nev.

Bareback Riding: Eighth round: 1. Kaycee Feild, 87.5 points on Hi Lo Pro Rodeo’s High Heels, $26,997; 2. Cole Franks, 87, $21,336; 3. Garrett Shadbolt, 86, $16,111; 4. Orin Larsen, 84.5, $11,321; 5. R.C. Landingham, 83.5, $6,967; 6. Jess Pope, 83, $4,354; 7. Caleb Bennett, 82; 8. Zach Hibler, 81.5; 9. Cole Reiner, 80.5; 10. Tim O’Connell, 80; 11. Richmond Champion, 79.5; 12. Tanner Aus, 79; 13. Tilden Hooper, 78.5; 14. Clayton Biglow, NS. 15. Taylor Broussard, Injured. Average leaders: 1. Kaycee Feild, 699 points on eight head; 2. Jess Pope, 698; 3. Cole Franks, 688; 4. Cole Reiner, 678.5; 5. Orin Larsen, 677.5; 6. Richmond Champion, 675; 7. R.C. Landingham, 667.5; 8. Garrett Shadbolt, 661; 9. Tanner Aus, 658.5; 10. Tilden Hooper, 650.5; 11. Tim O’Connell, 586.5 points on seven head; 12. Clayton Biglow, 584.5; 13. Caleb Bennett, 555.5; 14. Zach Hibler, 389.5 points on five head; 15. Taylor Broussard, 247 seconds on three head. World standings: 1. Kaycee Feild, $278,461; 2. Jess Pope, $244,268; 3. Tilden Hooper, $192,418; 4. Tim O’Connell, $191,456; 5. Clayton Biglow, $171,743; 6. Cole Franks, $169,291; 7. Cole Reiner, $168,850; 8. Garrett Shadbolt, $164,615; 9. Caleb Bennett, $159,357; 10. Richmond Champion, $156,081; 11. Orin Larsen, $150,516; 12. R.C. Landingham, $139,751; 13. Tanner Aus, $100,029; 14. Taylor Broussard, $82,381; 15. Zach Hibler, $75,381.

Steer Wrestling: Eighth round: 1. Will Lummus, 3.4 seconds, $26,997; 2. Tyler Waguespack, 3.6, $21,336; 3. Jacob Talley, 3.8, $16,111; 4. (tie) Stockton Graves and Tristan Martin, 3.9, $9,144 each; 6. (tie) Jesse Brown, Dakota Eldridge, Scott Guenthner and Rowdy Parrott, 4.1, $1,089 each; 10. (tie) Stetson Jorgensen and Riley Duvall, 4.7 each; 12. Curtis Cassidy, 5.0; 13. Tyler Pearson, 5.5; 14. Dirk Tavenner, NT: 15. Cody Devers, Out. Average leaders: 1. Will Lummus, 34.4 seconds on eight head; 2. Tristan Martin, 34.8; 3. Rowdy Parrott, 38.1; 4. Tyler Waguespack, 40.0; 5. Dakota Eldridge, 42.6; 6. Jesse Brown, 45.2; 7. Stetson Jorgensen, 46.2; 8. Tyler Pearson, 49.2; 9. Curtis Cassidy, 62.5; 10. Jacob Talley, 27.8 seconds on seven head; 11. Riley Duvall, 29.4; 12. Scott Guenthner, 40.1; 13. Dirk Tavenner, 33.6 seconds on six head; 14. Stockton Graves, 35.3; 15. Cody Devers, Balko, Okla., 17.8 seconds on three head. World Standings: 1. Jacob Talley, $217,391; 2. Tyler Waguespack, $198,567; 3. Dirk Tavenner, $170,926; 4. Will Lummus, $163,259; 5. Riley Duvall, $148,132; 6. Tyler Pearson, $143,643; 7. Tristan Martin, $134,291; 8. Dakota Eldridge, $131,409; 9. Jesse Brown, $122,606; 10. Stockton Graves, $120,413; 11. Rowdy Parrott, $99,244; 12. Scott Guenthner, $93,880; 13. Stetson Jorgensen, $92,989; 14. Curtis Cassidy, $78,902; 15. Cody Devers, $77,715.

Team Roping: Eighth round: 1. Clay Smith/Jade Corkill, 3.7 seconds, $26,997 each; 2. Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira, 3.9, $21,336; 3. (tie) Cody Snow/Wesley Thorp and Coy Rahlmann/Douglas Rich, 4.0, $13,716 each; 5. (tie) Derrick Begay/Brady Minor and Coleman Proctor/Logan Medlin, 4.1, $5,661 each; 7. Andrew Ward/Buddy Hawkins II, 4.3; 8. Erich Rogers/Paden Bray, 4.4; 9. Brenten Hall/Chase Tryan, 6.6; 10. (tie) Dustin Egusquiza/Travis Graves and Tyler Wade/Trey Yates, 8.9 each; 12. Clay Tryan/Jake Long, 9.6; 13. Rhen Richard/Jeremy Buhler, 10.4; 14. Clint Summers/Ross Ashford, 19.9; 15. Quinn Kesler/Joseph Harrison, NT. Average leaders: 1. Andrew Ward/Buddy Hawkins II, 42.7 seconds on eight head; 2. Erich Rogers/Paden Bray, 55.4; 3. Rhen Richard/Jeremy Buhler, 58.3; 4. Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira, 41.6 seconds on seven head; 5. Clay Smith/Jade Corkill, 46.0; 6. Cody Snow/Wesley Thorp, 57.2; 7. Brenten Hall/Chase Tryan, 65.2; 8. Clay Tryan/Jake Long, 33.4 seconds on six head; 9. Coy Rahlmann/Douglas Rich, 41.0; 10. Quinn Kesler/Joseph Harrison, 47.6; 11. Derrick Begay/Brady Minor, 26.4 seconds on five head; 12. Dustin Egusquiza/Travis Graves, 36.9; 13. Tyler Wade/Trey Yates, 46.5; 14. Clint Summers/Ross Ashford, 79.6; 15. Coleman Proctor/Logan Medlin, 20.9 seconds on four. World standings (headers): 1. Kaleb Driggers, $205,096; 2. Dustin Egusquiza, $200,406; 3. Clay Smith, $190,675; 4. Erich Rogers, $173,819; 5. Clay Tryan, $172,396; 6. Rhen Richard, $168,632; 7. Tyler Wade, $135,179; 8. Coleman Proctor, $131,103; 9. Derrick Begay, $126,178; 10. Coy Rahlmann, $125,960; 11. Quinn Kesler, $125,526; 12. Andrew Ward, $115,418; 13. Cody Snow, $114,714; 14. Brenten Hall, $87,860; 15. Clint Summers, $84,483. World standings (heelers): 1. Junior Nogueira, $219,481; 2. Jade Corkill, $190,675; 3. Travis Graves, $179,759; 4. Jake Long, $173,371; 5. Paden Bray, $168,739; 6. Jeremy Buhler, $167,599; 7. Logan Medlin, $137,683; 8. Wesley Thorp, $137,074; 9. Trey Yates, $130,323; 10. Douglas Rich, $125,884; 11. Joseph Harrison, $124,812; 12. Brady Minor, $117,164; 13. Buddy Hawkins II, $115,418; 14. Chase Tryan, $89,130; 15. Ross Ashford, $81,822.

Saddle Bronc Riding: Eighth round: 1. (tie) Stetson Dell Wright, on Beutler & Son Rodeo’s Foul Motion and Layton Green, on C5 Rodeo’s Virgil, 91 points, $24,167 each; 3. Ben Andersen, 86.5, $16,111; 4. Ryder Wright, 86, $11,321; 5. Chase Brooks, 84.5, $6,967; 6. Wyatt Casper, 82, $4,354; 7. Dawson Hay, 78; 8. Zeke Thurston, 76.5; 9. Cody DeMoss, 76; 10. Brody Cress, 75.5; 11. (tie) Sage Newman, Kolby Wanchuk, Spencer Wright and Tegan Smith, NS; 15. Wade Sundell, Out. Average leaders: 1. Brody Cress, 681 points on eight head; 2. Chase Brooks, 677.5; 3. Zeke Thurston, 667; 4. Cody DeMoss, 650.5; 5. Ryder Wright, 605.5 points on seven head; 6. Spencer Wright, 602.5; 7. Layton Green, 580.5; 8. Dawson Hay, 567; 9. Stetson Dell Wright, 525 points on six head; 10. Wyatt Casper, 433.5 points on five head; 11. Tegan Smith, 424; 12. Kolby Wanchuk, 342 points on four head; 13. Sage Newman, 339.5; 14. Ben Andersen, 242.5 points on three head; 15. Wade Sundell, 89.5 points on one head. World standings: 1. Stetson Dell Wright, $288,659; 2. Ryder Wright, $284,641; 3. Brody Cress, $229,514; 4. Zeke Thurston, $177,948; 5. Chase Brooks, $173,356; 6. Wyatt Casper, $151,990; 7. Spencer Wright, $149,594; 8. Layton Green, $149,041; 9. Tegan Smith, $136,793; 10. Dawson Hay, $130,349; 11. Sage Newman, $125,375; 12. Wade Sundell, $116,157; 13. Kolby Wanchuk, $116,018; 14. Ben Andersen, $108,346; 15. Cody DeMoss, $93,507.

Tie-Down Roping: Eighth round: 1. Hunter Herrin, 7.1 seconds, $26,997; 2. Haven Meged, 7.8, $21,336; 3. Caleb Smidt, 8.1, $16,111; 4. (tie) Shane Hanchey and Ryan Jarrett, 8.3, $9,144 each; 6. Westyn Hughes, 8.6, $4,354; 7. Shad Mayfield, 10.3; 8. Justin Smith, 10.5; 9. Marcos Costa, 10.8; 10. Cory Solomon, 11.6; 11. Tuf Case Cooper, 19.4; 12. Marty Yates, 27.8; 13. (tie) Taylor Santos, Ty Harris and John Douch, NT. Average leaders: 1. Caleb Smidt, 67.1 seconds on eight head; 2. (tie) Shane Hanchey and Cory Solomon, 72.7 each; 4. Westyn Hughes, Caldwell, Texas, 74.4; 5. Haven Meged, 75.4; 6. Marcos Costa, 85.4; 7. Tuf Case Cooper, 86.3; 8. Marty Yates, 98.1; 9. Ty Harris, 72.8 points on seven head; 10. Ryan Jarrett, 78.2; 11. Taylor Santos, 56.6 seconds on six head; 12. Shad Mayfield, 43.4 points on five head; 13. John Douch, 43.7; 14. Justin Smith, 49.3; 15. Hunter Herrin, 70.8. World standings: 1. Caleb Smidt, $233,546; 2. Shane Hanchey, $225,575; 3. Westyn Hughes, $215,401; 4. Haven Meged, $206,027; 5. Shad Mayfield, $195,910; 6. Cory Solomon, $183,611; 7. Tuf Case Cooper, $173,147; 8. Ty Harris, $153,014; 9. Marty Yates, $151,464; 10. Marcos Costa, $150,739; 11. John Douch, $145,030; 12. Hunter Herrin, $131,130; 13. Ryan Jarrett, $127,188; 14. Justin Smith, $122,951; 15. Taylor Santos, $108,182.

Barrel Racing: Eighth round: 1. Jordon Briggs, 13.45 seconds, $26,997; 2. Shelley Morgan, 13.56, $21,336; 3. Hailey Kinsel, 13.66, $16,111; 4. Jessica Routier, 13.68, $11,321; 5. Emily Miller-Beisel, 13.71, $6,967; 6. Dona Kay Rule, 13.73, $4,354; 7. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 13.77; 8. Ivy Saebens, 13.82; 9. Nellie Miller, 13.86; 10. Molly Otto, 13.87; 11. Wenda Johnson, 14.46; 12. Stevi Hillman, 18.59; 13. Cheyenne Wimberley, 18.75; 14. Amanda Welsh, 19.12; 15. Lisa Lockhart, 19.26. Average leaders: 1. Jordon Briggs, 109.63 seconds on eight runs; 2. Hailey Kinsel, 114.18; 3. Emily Miller-Beisel, 114.59; 4. Shelley Morgan, 115.01; 5. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 115.76; 6. Nellie Miller, 115.91; 7. Jessica Routier, 116.56; 8. Molly Otto, 117.17; 9. Stevi Hillman, 119.59; 10. Dona Kay Rule, 119.74; 11. Amanda Welsh, 120.73; 12. Ivy Saebens, 125.37; 13. Cheyenne Wimberley, 130.34; 14. Lisa Lockhart, 131.59; 15. Wenda Johnson, 135.35. World standings: 1. Hailey Kinsel, $229,775; 2. Jordon Briggs, $199,705; 3. Shelley Morgan, $169,109; 4. Emily Miller-Beisel, $167,512; 5. Dona Kay Rule, $151,597; 6. Amanda Welsh, $132,422; 7. Stevi Hillman, $130,818; 8. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, $128,200; 9. Wenda Johnson, $127,024; 10. Ivy Saebens, $123,914; 11. Cheyenne Wimberley, $111,299; 12. Lisa Lockhart, $100,734; 13. Jessica Routier, $100,169; 14. Nellie Miller, $85,519; 15. Molly Otto, $78,527.

Bull Riding: Eighth round: 1. Parker Breding, 92.5 points on Stace Smith Pro Rodeos’ Let’s Gamble, $27,868; 2. (tie) Josh Frost and Trey Benton III, 88.5, $19,595 each; 4. Sage Kimzey, 87.5, $12,192; 5. Stetson Dell Wright, 83, $7,838; 6. (tie) Creek Young, J.B. Mauney, Clayton Sellars, Ky Hamilton, Boudreaux Campbell, Shane Proctor, Ruger Piva, Roscoe Jarboe and Braden Richardson, NS; 15. Dustin Donovan Boquet, Out. Average leaders: 1. Parker Breding, 518 points on six head; 2. Josh Frost, 398.5 points on five head; 3. Stetson Dell Wright, 348.5 points on four head; 4. Sage Kimzey, 345.5; 5. (tie) Trey Benton III and Boudreaux Campbell, 261 each; 7. Clayton Sellars, 239; 8. Creek Young, 182.5 points on two head; 9. Ky Hamilton, 177; 10. Ruger Piva, 173.5; 11. Shane Proctor, 169; 12. Dustin Donovan Boquet, 163.5; 13. J.B. Mauney, 87.5 points on one head; 14. Roscoe Jarboe, 80.5; 15. Braden Richardson, NS. World standings: 1. Sage Kimzey, $334,176; 2. Stetson Dell Wright, $310,331; 3. Josh Frost, $248,180; 4. Parker Breding, $237,248; 5. Creek Young, $210,336; 6. Dustin Donovan Bouquet, $165,555; 7. Clayton Sellars, $164,859; 8. Ky Hamilton, $157,250; 9. Trey Benton III, $154,513; 10. Boudreaux Campbell, $147,623; 11. J.B. Mauney, $146,466; 12. Ruger Piva, $133,523; 13. Shane Proctor, $126,869; 14. Braden Richardson, $108,540; 15. Roscoe Jarboe, $105,778.

All-Around: Eighth round: 1. Stetson Dell Wright, $498,328; 2. Caleb Smidt, $228,978; 3. Clay Smith, $206,465; 4. Rhen Richard, $190,000; 5. Paden Bray, $186,945; 6. Josh Frost, $174,768; 7. Tuf Case Cooper, $174,233; 8. Taylor Santos, $132,787; 9. Marty Yates, $128,457; 10. Landon McClaugherty, $68,842.

Top Gun Standings: 1. Kaycee Feild, $152,605; 2. Jess Pope, $134,244; 3. Tyler Waguespack, $122,125; 4. Hailey Kinsel, $116,246; 5. Parker Breding, $108,626; 6. Haven Meged, $107,102; 7. Caleb Smidt, $106,667; 8. Ryder Wright, $102,748; 9. Dirk Tavenner, $101,877; 10. Jacob Talley, $100,135.