The Mirage is the Home of the Official NFR After Party and the NFR Steer Wrestlers

Oct 29, 2021

The Mirage is the Home of the Official NFR After Party and the NFR Steer Wrestlers

By Brian Hurlburt

Rodeo Vegas.

Those words have been a staple at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for more than 15 years. And once again in 2021, The Mirage is upping the ante. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, The Mirage offers a one-of-a-kind experience on the large HD projection screens each night of the rodeo, followed by live entertainment.

Here’s some more insider info about all of the plans at The Mirage from Andrea Acosta, Director of Special Events.

For more details on all the happenings at The Mirage, visit here.

Hurley’s Hotspots (HH): What is the first thing that comes to your mind about what happens annually at The Mirage when it comes to the excitement of the NFR?

Andrea Acosta (AA): Remember how you felt when you were a kid and you waited days, months and sometimes even years for something momentous you couldn’t wait to experience? That’s what waiting is like for Rodeo Vegas at The Mirage. That exciting moment all rodeo and country fans anticipate all year long. It’s a place where you get to leave your cares and worries aside while getting lost in the excitement of cheering on your favorite contestants compete on a large HD projection screen. After, you can drink and dance the night away while listening to your favorite country artist perform. The best part? No ticket purchase is necessary! The 10 nights of free live concerts featuring country music’s biggest stars is sure to knock your boots off!

HH: RODEO VEGAS is an NFR institution and the “official NFR after party.” What makes it so fun and special, and what new ideas will be implemented in 2021?

AA: For over 15 years, The Mirage continues to host 10 nights of complimentary live concerts featuring country music’s biggest stars! From the moment you walk through the doors, the entire Mirage staff welcomes guests with a warm smile and a friendly “howdy!” making sure everyone has a fun time! Guests come to The Mirage because they know they’ll be treated like family and will get to experience the excitement and energy of the NFR. 

HH: Why is catering to the NFR fans, competitors and sponsors so important to the Mirage?

AA: Rodeo is synonymous with The Mirage. NFR fans, competitors and sponsors are an important part of our Mirage family. We wait all year long to wear our best western attire and see our friends nationwide. The Mirage comes alive during December because of the fans, competitors and sponsors. Last year proved our building is not the same without our lively and exuberant guests. Last year there wasn’t as much cheering, laughter, excitement, two-stepping and music playing which was incredibly missed. The Mirage isn’t just NFR’s “Official After Party,” it also becomes a home away from home for ten days.

HH: Free live music with some top country acts happen for 10 straight nights. Where do these take place, and what is the first thing that comes to your mind about the quality of these free shows?

AA: The Mirage is a unique venue, perfect for free NFR viewing parties and country concerts! Both events take place in the BetMGM Sportsbook which transforms into a Honky Tonk. Insider tip – we recommend guests to show up early to grab a spot on the dance floor for the FREE nightly concerts. This space is intimate, and it is very rare you get to experience the energy, excitement and large sound while seeing your favorite country artist just feet away. It truly is an experience unlike any other and is one of the reasons many people call The Mirage their one and only stop for an NFR after party.

HH: You bill the screen in the Mirage as the largest HD projection screen in Vegas. What will it be like watching the live arena feed of the NFR in the sports book? 

AA: If you don’t have tickets to NFR, don’t worry… with our emcee Matt West and larger-than-life screen to watch all the NFR action, you’ll feel the energy as if you were in the arena!