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Fans Get Charged Up to Root for the Sam?s Town Superstars and Purina Million Dollar Bulls in the Million Dollar Bucking Bull & Bull Rider Tournament


November 22, 2013 (Orchard, Texas) - Exclusive Genetics (EG), a leader in the bucking bull industry, will feature its finest bucking bulls and showcase world champion riders for an exhilarating week at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (WNFR) in Las Vegas, NV December 5 – 14.   For the first time ever, EG will premier its Bucking Bull Games World Finals at WNFR, which consists of six bucking bull events with a payout of $1.3 Million.   The Bucking Bull Games is sponsored by Purina Animal Nutrition LLC, Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall and Pom & Associates.

Exclusive Genetics CEO Billy Jaynes who has a flair for turning bucking bull fans into bucking bull owners is looking forward to see his vision of the Bucking Bull Games come to fruition at this year’s WNFR, “EG prides itself on tailoring events based on our customers’ needs, this includes the owners and the fans…hence the launch of the Bucking Bull Games.”  Bull enthusiasts will have the opportunity to see champions crowned as yearlings, as well as two year-olds; both of these divisions competing with a remote control dummy on their back.  Cowboys will also challenge three-, four- and five-year-old bulls in a first time, head to head tournament presented by EG.

The flagship of EG’s week-long events is the Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship.  Held at the Cowboy Marketplace at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, December 11-14, this fast-paced competition will offer, for the third year, the largest purse for any bucking bull event in the history of the sport.  Twenty-five, two-year-old bulls compete for $1,000,000, with $500,000 – the largest payout in the world - going to the owner of the winning bull.

Adding to its repertoire of spectacular events, EG will not only offer fans the opportunity to see their favorite bulls crowned as champions, but they will now also have the chance to root for top class bull riders in the inaugural Million Dollar Bucking Bull and Bull Rider Tournament at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Jaynes said the competition will be fierce, as it pits some of the top bulls, otherwise known as the Purina® Million Dollar Bulls, against several of the top ranked cowboys in the world, a.k.a. the Sam’s Town Superstars.  He added that this event will give the fans a supercharged challenge to watch, “Not only do we have some of the best caliber Million Dollar Bulls selected to compete in the bull and rider tournament, but the roster of bull riders is unmatchable and consist of CBR World Champions, PBR Finalists and top PRCA cowboys.” 

A stellar group of Sam’s Town Superstars cowboys are ready to mount some of the highest earning bulls of all time. Among the stars scheduled to appear are, 2013 PBR World Finalists Jory Markiss, Matt Triplett and Marcus Mariluch, former CBR World Champions Bonner Bolton and Josh Barentine, past CBR Reserve Champions Pistol Robinson and Luis Blanco and top PRCA cowboy Scottie Knapp who won two Xtreme bull events in 2013.

The Purina® Million Dollar Bulls entering the battle include, Under Par winning $100,000 for 2nd place in the 2012 MDBBC, Dagger taking in $100,000 for 2nd place in the 2011 MDBBC and Stuntin Like My Daddy a $62,500 winner in the 2012 MDBBC and 3rd in the 2013 ABBI Classic Championship. Diamond Back, Captain, FLAB SLAB and Pop The Latch have also entered the event.

The format of the event will be highly interactive; when the cowboys arrive at the arena, they will not know who they have drawn. Right before the round starts the riders will be introduced to the crowd in the arena and then, through a live bid auction, find out who they will ride, determined by each high bidder selecting which cowboy they want on which bull.

Fans can attend the Bull and Rider events free at the Las Vegas Convention Center on December 5-7 and 9-13.  The title of World Champion will be named on December 13, with total payouts exceeding $40,000.

Bucking Bull Games will be open free to the public and take place daily at either the Cowboy Marketplace at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino or the Las Vegas Convention Center.  For performance schedules and venues or for more information about Exclusive Genetics’ Bucking Bull Games visit www.exclusivegenetics.com/bucking_bull_games.

BUCKING BULL GAMES SCHEDULE – All events are FREE and open to the public:



One of the major national events for yearling bucking bulls.


The Second Chance is an event for 2-year-old bulls who did not qualify for the top 25 spots in the Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship.


*****Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship TOP 10***** - December 14, 2013 - 1:00PM

The world's premier competition and highest payout event for 2-year-old bucking bulls


The EFL Championship is a three bull team event that takes place in conjunction with the Second Chance Championship and MDBBC.


A special draft for 2014 Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship bulls will take place at noon. The 35 bulls that draft bidders purchase will compete in a special event.



DECEMBER 5-6 -1:00PM, DECEMBER 7 -2:45PM, DECEMBER 9-13 – 1:00PM

3 and 4 year old bulls who competed in the 2011 or 2012 Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship will challenge 16 cowboys in a double elimination tournament.


Fans interested in meeting the Superstars can check out the 3rd Annual Mechanical Bull Riding Competition at Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall, where the Superstars will be making several appearances during WNFR.  Sam’s Town will host two sessions nightly from 5 p.m. to midnight, December 6-14, with a cash prize of $500 for the winner of each session.  There is no entry fee.  For more information on the competition, including scheduled appearances by the Sam’s Town Superstars, visit www.boydgaming.com/nfr.

 About Exclusive Genetics

The core concept of Exclusive Genetics is to take PBR, CBR and rodeo fans and turn them into bucking bull owners. There are many fans who dream of becoming a “stock contractor” and Exclusive Genetics was founded to make this a reality. Their slogan “No truck, No Trailer, No Ranch, No experience necessary,” has assisted EG in creating a business that now has over 200 customers located in 41 states and 5 countries worldwide.   Visit www.exclusivegenetics.com.

About the Bucking Bull Games

Exclusive Genetics Bucking Bull Games presents six major events during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV that offer industry leading payouts of over $1,300,000. The competitions include the two-year-old Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship and Second Chance Championship, yearling Gold Buckle Challenge and Million Dollar Bucking Bull and Rider Tournament for three-, four- and five-year-olds. Visit www.exclusivegenetics.com/bucking_bull_games.

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Purina Animal Nutrition LLC (purinamills.com) is a national organization serving producers, animal owners and their families through more than 4,700 local cooperatives, independent dealers and other large retailers throughout the United States. With an uncompromising commitment to animal excellence, Purina Animal Nutrition conducts industry-leading R&D initiatives that create and sustain a valued portfolio of complete feeds, supplements, premixes, ingredients and specialty technologies for the livestock and lifestyle animal markets. Species served by Purina Animal Nutrition include both large and small animals, including cattle, horses, swine, chickens, hamsters, gerbils and rabbits. Headquartered in Shoreview, Minn., Purina Animal Nutrition LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O’Lakes, Inc.

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Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall, located at 5111 Boulder Highway, is owned by Boyd Gaming Corporation. Sam’s Town features 12 restaurants, an 18-screen movie theater, 56-lane bowling center, a 12,000 square foot entertainment center and newly renovated Mystic Falls Indoor Park.  The property has a 133,000-square foot casino with 29 table games, more than 2,000 slot and video poker machines, a bingo parlor, keno lounge and poker room and race and sports book. For more information visit www.samstownlv.com, on Facebook (www.facebook.com/samstownlv), and Twitter (@samstownlv). Headquartered in Las Vegas, Boyd Gaming is a leading diversified owner and operator of 22 gaming entertainment properties located in Nevada, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and New Jersey. Additional news and information on Boyd Gaming can be found at www.boydgaming.com.

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