Complimentary Shuttle Bus Service Available for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

To accommodate rodeo fans, complimentary shuttle buses will be offered prior to and following each rodeo performance. 

Coming soon! Complete list of shuttle bus routes and schedule




Please see the list of frequently asked questions (below) for additional details on shuttle bus transportation.  

Shuttle Bus Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you have wheelchair capable buses?
Throughout NFR Rodeo, we operate several ADA compliant buses for the shuttles. If you require this accommodation, simply notify the on-site transportation supervisor at your hotel and he/she will arrange to have one of these buses available, as soon as possible.

Q: Do you allow drinks on the shuttle buses?
Beverages are permitted onboard the shuttle buses as long as they are contained in plastic bottles or cups. Aluminum bottles are permitted and wide mouth cups are permitted as long as they have lids. Glass containers are not permitted onboard the shuttle buses.

Q: How often do the buses leave from each hotel ?

The shuttle buses leave approximately every 15 minutes from each of the host hotels - or once they are full. The rodeo on-site manager will determine each hotel's bus schedule.  

Q: If I leave my car at Cowboy Christmas, will the shuttle bus return me to that location, after Rodeo?
The Cowboy Christmas shuttle location is one way to the Thomas & Mack Center ONLY and at no time does it return/drop-off at Cowboy Christmas.

Q: Do you have space for child strollers?
Yes. Please fold the stroller and give it to the driver when you board the bus. The stroller will be placed in one of the under-bus compartments. Be sure to ask the driver for your stroller when you arrive at your destination.

Q: What time does the last shuttle bus leave the Thomas & Mack Center at the end of Rodeo?
The following 2014 shuttle schedule shows when the last bus leaves the Thomas & Mack Center, each day:


December 4 - 13, 2014 the last buses will leave Thomas & Mack center at 10:30 p.m.  *All timetables are subject to change.

Q: I am not staying at an official host hotel. Can I still ride the shuttle bus?
Yes. However, the shuttle buses will only stop at official host hotels. You may take a shuttle bus to a host hotel closest to where you are staying.  

Q: Do I need a ticket to ride the shuttle bus.

No. The NFR Rodeo shuttle is provided to all attendees free of charge. 

Q: Where do I go to find items I may have left/lost on a shuttle bus?
All items found on a shuttle bus are immediately turned over to the Lost & Found department at the Thomas & Mack Center. Please go to the Lost & Found to search for your lost items.

Q: How do I return to my hotel if I decide to leave Thomas & Mack Center after the shuttle buses have finished for the evening?
There are taxicabs available at the front of Thomas & Mack Center and they will take you to your hotel.